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Global Gab: Immigrant Artists Holiday Gathering

Dear Immigrant Artists,

You’ve made it to December! To say it has been a tumultuous year is truly an understatement. As hosts of Global Gab, we are immigrant artists ourselves and truly mean it when we say, ‘We know how you feel.’.

For December’s Global Gab, we will be having a simple holiday gathering. All immigrant artists are invited.

If you were once our guest panelist, we would love for you to extend the invitation to your fellow immigrant artists friends. We would love to spend an hour with you and your friends, have a chill evening, and share offerings of love.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of us, we welcome you, and here’s a virtual hug to congratulate you on making it this far into 2020.

If you feel like it, come read a paragraph that helped you through this year, come share a choreography that is so close to your heart, come share a piece of good news - we could use a lot of those right now!

Feel free to come with some food and snack as we chat. We would love to find out what food comforts and nourishes you during this time.

Come as you are.

Come in your fluffiest socks.

Come with a hot cuppa chocolate, spiked or not, we leave that to your discretion.

See you on 15 December, at 7pm EST for our Global Gab Immigrant Artists Holiday Gathering.


Global Gab

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